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Greenfield Biały Bór (Grudziądz Municipality)

Name: Greenfield Biały Bór (Grudziądz Municipality)

Property Type: Not built-up

Possession: Communal

Destination property: production, warehouses

Total area: 6.28 ha

Form of transfer: Disposal

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About the Town

About the Town

Grudziądz is located on the right bank of Vistula river in the northern part of Pomerania Region, amongst main seaports (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot), Bydgoszcz and Toruń. Such location and well-developed road system are the advantages of the town. The international road E-75 (Gdynia-Cieszyn) runs 5 km from the town, and two national roads, No 55 (Toruń-Grudziądz-Kwidzyn-Elbląg) and No 16-the shortest road connecting western border of Poland with Warmia and Mazury, and further Kaliningrad, run directly through Grudziądz. In addition there are plans of the motorway A-1 which will connect the Scandinavia with the southern Europe and the clearway from Poznań through Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz to Olsztyn. Such situation makes the town attractive and gives possibilities of development. more

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Proinvestment Policy

The city’s offer for investors is tailored to their needs and expectations. We have investment areas with complete service infrastructure and interesting locations, including land within the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. We offer the support of an “Investor Attendant” during the entire investment process as well as support from municipal companies – the Grudziądz Industrial Park and Grudziądz Credit Guarantee.

Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

In November 2007, almost 116 ha of investment areas in Grudziądz were included in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. The administrator of the zone in the city is Grudziądz Industrial Park.
The Special Economic Zone (SSE) forms a separate part of the city intended for conducting economic activity on preferential terms and conditions. Companies operating within the SEZ may benefit from tax exemptions and start their operations on specially prepared, developed areas.

Grudziądz Industrial Park
The Grudziądz Industrial Park was established in December 2004 to promote industrial areas. The company’s strategic objectives also include:
• acquisition of foreign capital,
• development of SMEs,
• increase in the region’s investment competitiveness ,
• expansion of the modern utility infrastructure at the premises of GPP Sp. z o.o.,
• restructuring of the area of the former GZPGum “Stomil” S.A.

GIP offers entrepreneurs the lease of production halls with a total surface area of 12,000 m² and undeveloped areas with a surface area of approx. 12 ha. The production halls and undeveloped areas have access roads and complete technical utility infrastructure. 

Grudziądz Credit Guarantee
Grudziądz Credit Guarantee was established in 2008. Its objective is to support the development of SMEs, in particular by facilitating access to debt funding and comprehensive services in this regard, including advisory services and training. In addition to its statutory operations, the company implements projects under Measure 5.1. “Development of Business Support Institutions” of the ROP of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, whose objectives include:
• Facilitating access to credit/loans for enterprises with creditworthiness but without appropriate collateral,
• Participation in the creation of new jobs,
• Decreasing the risk for credit institutions, thereby influencing higher interest of institutions in funding the SME sector.

State aid
In Grudziądz, each investor can benefit from a wide range of state aid opportunities. The Municipality grants a 3-year exemption from property tax based on de minimis support for companies starting their operations and developing entities. A new investment may also be supported in the form of a 10-year exemption from property tax under the regional aid programme adopted under resolutions of the Municipal Council. Additionally, horizontal state aid for employment is provided by the Mayor of Grudziądz through the Labour Office. In addition, investors in the economic zone are entitled to exemption from income tax.


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