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Greenfield Droga Łąkowa (Grudziadz Industrial Park)

Name: Greenfield Droga Łąkowa (Grudziadz Industrial Park)

Property Type: Not built-up

Possession: "GPP"

Destination property: warehouses and production halls

Total area: 4.37 ha

Form of transfer: Disposal / Tenancy

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About the Town

About the Town

Grudziądz is located on the right bank of Vistula river in the northern part of Pomerania Region, amongst main seaports (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot), Bydgoszcz and Toruń. Such location and well-developed road system are the advantages of the town. The international road E-75 (Gdynia-Cieszyn) runs 5 km from the town, and two national roads, No 55 (Toruń-Grudziądz-Kwidzyn-Elbląg) and No 16-the shortest road connecting western border of Poland with Warmia and Mazury, and further Kaliningrad, run directly through Grudziądz. In addition there are plans of the motorway A-1 which will connect the Scandinavia with the southern Europe and the clearway from Poznań through Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz to Olsztyn. Such situation makes the town attractive and gives possibilities of development. more

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The most important institutions, creating the picture of the Grudziądz cultural life are:
Other significant centres of cultural life in Grudziądz worth to be mentioned: Club of the Housing Association “Centrum”, 13 Moniuszki street (Klub Spółdzielni Mieszkaniowej "Centrum", ul. Moniuszki 13). Club is especially known for organising numerous lectures, informing and discussion meetings, author meetings, recollection evenings, popular-science sessions and exhibitions. The club is also seat of many actively working circles and social associations in Grudziądz among others: Circle of fans of Grudziądz history, Circle of fans of Lwów and Wilno, Circle of fans of books and ex-libris.
Aditionally Centre of Beyond-the-School Work (Ognisko Pracy Pozaszkolnej) deals with propagating culture among the youngest inhabitants of Grudziądz. Children and youth can develop their interests in many workshops: of music, dance, chess, modelling, photography, bridge and art.

While describing Grudziądz institutions of culture we must not forget cinema - Helios, which can house 300 spectators.

Moreover, on the town area, operate several district clubs, the Garrison Club and over 60 associations and social unions:  Tradition of the Polish Horse-riding Foundation, Grudziądz's Rotary Club, Catholic Intelligence Club, Polish Cynology Association, branches of Archeological-, Historical-, Geografical-, Astronomical and Numismatical Polish Associations. The picture of a rich cultural life in the town is completed by a numerous environment of culture creators: art.-painters, sculptors, graphics and photographers.

Among the local mass-media of special importance are: Grudziądz "Eska" Radio, Grudziądz mutations of daily newspapers – Nowości and Gazeta Pomorska, weekly - Gazeta Grudziądzka and local TV stations - TV Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa.

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